Library of Him 

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

His eyes are made up

of all the shattered pieces

from every person

he has ever loved.

Like a million sharp edges of broken

stained glass windows,

he could tell you the name of each one

just by looking at the color.

He could sit for hours

and tell you the story

behind each piece and why

he once loved them,

and how deep

each piece still cuts him.

There are so many stories

living in his eyes,

he could be a library

of secrets untold

and love not always returned.

His soul runs deep,

but his heart…

that’s a different library altogether.

It’s heavy.

A heart that holds a bookmark

sealing every crack,

holding a place for the one

day he can’t let go of,

and the what ifs notated

like a promise to be better

next time.

The sadness in his eyes says

there won’t be a next…

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